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UMOOZE®, a new and advanced herbal formula.

UMOOZE®, a new and advanced herbal formula provides a high-potency, comprehensive solution for prostate health. It contains soybean (Glycine max) extract and Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus) extract. Take one or two tablets twice daily.

 $60.00 USD per bottle

The Science Behind UMOOZE®

SunJour HealthCare Corporation (SHC) is a specialty biotechnology company dedicated to promoting better health for mankind by using innovative technologies and natural herbal ingredients. The company has consistently been devoted to biotechnology research ever since its establishment.

SHC’s vision is to continually discover and develop natural dietary supplements that will be beneficial to all mankind.

Customer Testimonials

What our customers are saying about us

  • It’s only been two weeks since I started taking UMOOZE® and strangely enough my body reacted sooner than I expected. This product is definitely helping!

    - Alfred Nguyen

    The supplement works well. There are more benefits to it than just immune support. I feel that I get sick a lot less frequently. It is a great supplement.

    - Joseph Russell

  • I’m 63, using UMOOZE® for 2 months. I am no longer scouting for nearby spots to go when I’m out. I typically sleep about 5 hours at night before having to get up.

    - H. Chen.

    I’m halfway done with my first bottle of UMOOZE® and this is the first I’ve been able to sleep through most of the night in a long time.

    - W. Rose

  • I’m as skeptical as anyone, if not more, about herbal and alternative medicines. I’m 100% confident without a doubt that it works for me.

    - A. Kim

    Finally, I found UMOOZE®. Almost immediately, I would say in less than a week, I started to notice positive results.

    - P. Bao


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